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DLCD119-SM Just Pure Gold

Just Pure Gold

Just Pure Gold

With Johnny Douglas and his
Concert Orchestra
Two albums digitally re-mastered from the Decca years, The Broadway Waltzes and Golden Strings, combined to make one album of twenty-one golden melodies featuring the shimmering strings of Johnny Douglas for relaxing and eminently enjoyable listening.

1. Catch a Falling Star - Golden Strings Vance: Pockriss/Feldman
2. The Story of a Starry Night - Golden Strings Hoffman/Curtis: Livingston/Chappell
3. A Wonderful Guy - The Broadway Waltzes Rodgers: Williamson Music
4. La Vie en Rose - Golden Strings Louiguy/Piaf: Noel Gay
5. Cherokee - Golden Strings Noble: Peter Maurice
6. Hello Young Lovers - The Broadway Waltzes Rodgers: Williamson Music
7. All in a Golden Afternoon - Golden Strings Fain/Hilliard: Walt Disney
8. I Feel Pretty - The Broadway Waltzes Bernstein: Chappell
9. The Song is You - Golden Strings Kern/Hammerstein: Chappell
10. Oh! What a Beautiful Mornin’ - The Broadway Waltzes Rodgers: Williamson Music
11. Seven Golden Bells - Golden Strings Douglas: Anglia Music
12. Theme from “A Summer Place” - Golden Strings Steiner/Discant: Blossom Music
13. Allez-vous en, Go Away - The Broadway Waltzes Porter: Chappell
14. The Green Leaves of Summer - Golden Strings Tiomkin/Webster: Robbins Music
15. The Carousel Waltz - The Broadway Waltzes Rodgers: Williamson Music
16. I Still See Elisa - The Broadway Waltzes Loewe: Chappell
17. When I’m not near the Girl I Love - The Broadway Waltzes Lane: Chappell
18. Lucy’s Theme from “Parrish” - Golden Strings Steiner: Blossom Music
19. The Girl That I Marry - The Broadway Waltzes Berlin: Berlin

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